Non-woven Fabrics

The non woven fabric industry manufactures a vast array of modern fabrics that touch almost every part of our lives. Non wovens are present in the fabric of our homes, clothes, cars, in the household products we use every day.

By selecting the right combination of fibres and manufacturing processes, non woven fabrics can be tailored to offer the specific benefits required in any personal care application. As a material converter we transform rolled goods into the format required by customers in our market sector.

James Douglas assists their customers to identify the right fabric for their particular product. Working closely with long established partners from around the globe, we develop, purchase and convert fabrics that are ideally suited for your specific application.

A range of “standard materials” has been selected which enables us to offer our customers low minimum order quantities at an affordable price. All of our standard non woven fabrics are suitable for use in personal care products.

Alternatively, if required, we can develop and purchase unique fabrics for your brand. For further information on our range of non woven fabrics please contact us.

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