Get in ‘shape’ this Christmas!

Getting into the Christmas spirit, and showing just how versatile we can be, James Douglas Ltd. would like to introduce you to ‘The Christmas Tree’ pad! Many of our customers will have received samples in the post to demonstrate that we mean what we say when we state we can provide any pad, any shape, any size! Contact us today if you would like to receive these samples showing what we can do.

Whether, round, square, hexagonal, Christmas tree etc. the shape can affect how your product is perceived. At JDL, we have the flexibility to produce pads in any shape or size. We’ve cut pads in the shape of (more…)

James Douglas Limited awarded internationally recognised standard for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices ISO 22716:2007

Managing Director, Mike Hawkes is pleased to announce that James Douglas Limited has received certification against the internationally recognised standard ISO 22716:2007 for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices.

After receiving this prestigious certification, Mike commented, ‘Good manufacturing practices (more…)

Your Perfect Cosmetic Pad Partner – any pad, any shape, any size?

How do you make sure you have the right pad partner? How do you ensure your pad is the right fabric, shape size? These are questions that James Douglas Limited (JDL) are used to providing solutions to. (more…)

Leaving the EU: What does it mean for James Douglas and our cosmetic pads customers across Europe?

Firstly, to say that I am deeply disappointed by the decision taken today by the British people. I would have preferred that the UK had chosen to remain as a part of the largest trading block in the world and remained a part of the decision making process that affects the laws, rules & regulations that govern trade within the EU market. The saddest thing for me is that, (more…)

James Douglas Limited announces ISO 22716:2007 certification

We are extremely pleased to announce that following the inspection of our site between 9th and 11th May 2016, James Douglas Limited has been recommended for certification against the international standard for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices ISO 22716:2007. Managing Director, Mike Hawkes commented that, “our customers already recognise the unique specialist knowledge and experience JDL offers in the production of cosmetic pads – now they also have the added reassurance of knowing that our manufacturing facility has achieved certification against the internationally recognised standard for cosmetics manufacturing.” (more…)